About Us

About Us

What is This Good World?

It used to be…

A community of businesses and professionals came together and met in one room, voicing opinions, taking dues, sharing values and talking about service. Good people pledged to support these businesses because of these efforts. Today, with this big world at each of our fingertips, that original, authentic way of being is more important than ever… we're talking peace and goodwill. This Good World, just like back in the day, and just like home.

This Good World is a conduit for collaboration and action within neighborhoods comprised of good organizations and those looking to support them. Together, we are like minds conscious of what truly matters.

Our mission

We connect and support good businesses so you can discover and support them too.

PURPOSE 1: Make it easier for businesses to collaborate and communicate to bring more good to their area [and beyond].

PURPOSE 2: Make it easier for individuals to discover these good businesses and throw them their support.

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Who We Are

  • LisaKribs-LaPierre

  • GavinThomas

  • AndyBallerstein

    Lead Developer
  • KatieBaldwin

    Director of Membership