Artisans At Work

Artisans At Work

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

We are not a non-profit art gallery, selling locally handcrafted gifts and arts products for those who value supporting people locally. We recycle clients jewellery into new pieces. We hold art exhibitions, offer arts classes, and our large space is free to community meetings that are free to participants. We rent studio work space to artists, crafters and to small business start-ups. Our main operation is through consignment sales, classes and rentals of space.

2071 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON M4C 1J8
  • Community

    We have a lage enough space that our community can use for their groups, clubs, events, and classes while providing the local artists a place to market their quality products to the rest of the neighbourhood and beyond, offering a unique take on a retail/ arts business.  We connect artists to commission work, to craft shows and other opportunities. Artists are encouraged to use our bricks and mortar space to meet clients in this safe space outside their homes. The east end of our fair city has very limited arts or community spaces, so we hope to fill that void, whilst offering unique gifts such as pottery, glass, visual arts, knitted items, wooden bowls, stained glass, and many kinds of jewellery (including repairs and bespoke jewellery design, care & advice).

  • Environment

    We hold an indoor winter farmer's market, free to vendors, that grow/produce locally from local produce. This is held on the same day and times as our summer market that operates in our local park, to continue the local, organic habit for residents to enjoy produce from farms just outside our city all year.  

  • Social

    Not being a non-profit allows us to go beyond boundaries that limit what entrepreneurism can do to make change, and to draw up a new template for business. To be not-for profit limits a group somewhat, and we are testing a theory about providing the neighbourhood what they have asked for, and hoping that it works for us all! We enjoy helping to promote local theatre companies, and residents associations and other groups, and offer our space free of charge. If the space is available, and its a free event/ meeting to the public, we share it...why not? We hope that all eventual local shopping will support all locals eventually.

  • Employees Culture

    Our staff is at the moment made up of one owner, one part-time staff, one volunteer, 2 part-time volunteer curators and sometimes a co-op student if we are very very lucky! Our culture is very relaxed, and any help is much appreciated, all ideas are considered and most are incorporated. Its a pitch-in type of place, and a work of art in the making, by us inside, and our fans outside. We opened two years ago, and hope that the business will start to turn a profit so we can hire staff full-time, including a curator's role for more professional art shows & events that will be advertised further afield.

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