On the map since Nov 2016

At BRASH, our single purpose is to produce the best coffee we know how. We want to share our inspiration and passion for coffee, and create a community through the celebration of coffee. We believe in meticulously procuring, roasting, and preparing coffee in a way that honors everyone involved. We are pursuers of simple, delicious coffee


1168 Howell Mill Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318
United States
  • Community

    Our coffee shop is designed to create easy, accessible, and communal experiences around coffee. We want everyone to have access to the best coffee, presenting it in a way that makes sense. We want to share our love of coffee through handmade, delicious coffee.


  • Social

    We source coffee directly from farmers we know and visit regularly. We work as partners, getting our hands dirty on their farms. The most important aspect of what we do when sourcing is developing lasting relationships with the farmers we work with. We visit single farms and buy the highest quality coffees we can find


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