VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Our mission is to prove that electronics companies CAN make products designed to last. And that doing so creates compelling value to consumers, as well as long-term competitive advantages. So, we’re building kitchen appliances that grow as you do—from your first apartment to your first home. When a component wears out, it's easily replaced and recycled. Our appliances are long-lasting, space-saving, internet-connected and beautiful.

44 Emerson Street
Belmont, MA 02478
United States
  • Environment

    We cannot keep harvesting raw materials, turning them into products that last a year and then throwing them into a landfill where they'll remain for eternity. Materials, like fossil feuls, are finite.   Product companies can solve the problem. They tell factories what to make and how to make it, their designs & brand alter consumer values and behavior and their customer service influences how consumers handle repair and disposal.    This is what Chorus is all about- creating products designed to last. We're empowering consumers to repair and recycle and influencing manufacturers to make things smarter. We think there is an unmet need for Apple-esque products in the kitchen and we think through beautiful design and execution of these products we can make a difference. 

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