Conscious Bean

Conscious Bean

On the map since Apr 2015

Organic, earth conscious coffee related event services. Our first priority is locally sourced non GMO verified ingredients. All products are biodegradable, reusable or renewable. All marketing materials and website are 100% powered by renewable energy. We believe if we bring the best product to your lips, those lips will offer the same love to the world. Thats what it means to be a Conscious Bean.

3442 Hollow Brook Circle
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
United States
  • Community

    We donate our coffee grounds to the community gardens. 
    We facilitate trainings to raise awareness about proper brewing methods. Teaching people to be more effective with their equipment. It also offers a great opportunity to discuss, water and energy conservation, educate about GMO culture and organic farming as well as how to live more healthful, happy lives. 

  • Environment

    We purchase only organic. 
    We make a conscious effort to purchase locally sourced and non GMO verified ingredients. 
    All of our marketing materials and website are 100% powered by renewable energy. 
    All our transportation vehicles are hybrid. 
    All of our products are biodegradable, reusable or renewable. 
    We have worked with every purveyor to minimize packaging and control transportation methods.

  • Social

    10% of our yearly profits go to support non-profits, people and businesses we believe are making a change for the better. 
    We utilize multiple platforms to offer a voice for change. Discussing topics like organic culture and water conservation.

  • Employees Culture

    We give each of our employees 15 minutes before each shift (payed) to meditate, ground themselves and prepare to put their best energy forward for their work at hand.
    We help facilitate focus sessions so positive energy and pure intention can be placed into each and every action they do. Putting love into each drink and shining some happiness on each customer they meet.

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