Brenna McGinnis

We're excited to announce the addition of our newest team member taking part in This Good World's City Ambassador program. Brenna McGinnis, a longtime Philly native, will be spreading the good down in the City of Brotherly Love. Below, she dishes out some good vibes on her hometown. We're super pumped to have her on board! For all-things good in Philly, feel free to get in touch with Brenna by emailing brenna [at]                                                                                    

Fave joint for good Coffee?

I recently moved to South Philly and found Ultimo Coffee just a few blocks from home. Not only do they have a great coffee selection but the fact that they share the space with a specialty bottle shop full of craft beer doesn’t hurt either. 

Fave joint for good Eats?

I am a woman of simple pleasures, and one of those pleasures is Morning Glory Diner.  It has a family run vibe that makes you feel cozy and comfortable right off the bat.  Everything is local and everything is homemade, right down to the blueberry jam. Coffee comes in tin army cups so it stays piping hot, and the BISCUITS…oh, the biscuits. 

Fave joint for good drink? 

There are so many great bars in Philly but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Doobies.  It’s got a classic old school charm--small, dark, and slightly seedy— with a killer jukebox, board games, and a great beer selection.  Plus, the owner is an animal activist so all the ATM fees go to helping cats get adopted.

Best hidden gem business doing great things?

Greensgrow Farms is an urban farm and CSA site in Kensington that is a sustainability powerhouse.  They supply produce to a network of local restaurants, hops to a local brewery and their non-profit supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income residents of their community.  They also offer urban farming courses for teens, rent out a community kitchen and offer green business consulting services. 

Where can we find you volunteering, and doing what?

I’ve been volunteering with Studio at Beacon since last summer.  We run an afterschool and summer program where kids in the community can come to write and share stories, make art, and grow their own vegetables.

How do you define "good"?

I think good is thinking about more than just yourself, and trying to have a positive impact on the world in any way you can. Sometimes it’s small, but all those little choices add up to something big in the end.


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