Life Alive Cafe Member Spotlight

Life Alive Cafe, with three locations in the Greater Boston Area, serves up a fresh whole food, plant-based menu that nourishes your body, mind and soul. We sat down to chat with them about running a social enterprise restaurant, their attachment to providing a collaborative community space, and much, much more. Check out the interview below and head on over to to read about all their good. Bon appetit.

TGW: Can you talk a little bit about how food plays a part in doing good for the world as a social enterprise restaurant?

Life Alive Cafe: There is definitely a food revolution happening right now. The biggest part of this revolution is that people are awakening to the fact that food truly is our life force in every way. Now, maybe more than ever, there is a consciousness to the truth that what you feed your body, creates your body. It is no longer simply about the best foods for diet, weight loss, etc., but about understanding food as the key contributor to overall health, vitality, and longevity. 

In addition, there is also a great awareness to how our food is produced and farmed, especially pertaining to big business agriculture and its effects on our food purity. Toxic procedures such as herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs not only degenerate the nutrient value of crops and soils, but also compromise our individual and collective health, as well as our environmental and ecological health, which are intrinsically connected. 

As a social enterprise, Life Alive has a sincere passion to influence a change in these methods and set an example of how quick-service establishments can support holistic sustainability, source high quality organic ingredients, and make healthy eating possible and convenient in a busy world.

TGW:  Your cafes are a place where people and communities can come together and connect. Can you talk a little bit about the power of collaboration and communication in accomplishing good things?

LAC: Absolutely. We experience the power of collaboration every day in multiple ways. As an organic and sustainable restaurant, we cannot do what we do without connecting and investing in other like-minded organizations within our community. We do this by supporting and sourcing from local farms whenever possible, choosing our product providers based on their commitment to being organic, GMO-free, and sustainable, as well as partnering with compost companies. We all rely on each other to serve communities holistically and to make a difference in the world.

We also experience the power of collaboration and connection with our team members and guests. Not only do we aim to serve delicious, wholesome, and therapeutic meals and beverages, but we are also here to provide education and guidance as to how eating for optimal nourishment can change your life.  When our guests experience our food, they notice how rejuvenated they feel almost immediately. Most are shocked that food can not only taste so good, but make them feel so incredible, energized, light…alive! Once our guests feel this transformation in their well-being, the more they desire to learn about how they can take better care of themselves through food. Our team members are passionate to share their knowledge of whole food nutrition with our guests.

TGW: Why did you choose to be a part of the This Good World community?

LAC: We were thrilled by the opportunity to join a network where we could connect and learn from other mission-driven, like-minded organizations dedicated to making our world a healthier, more compassionate, and loving place. We are grateful that This Good World exists and believe it provides a necessary portal for connection and change. 

TGW: Are there examples in which you work with or gain inspiration and ideas from other businesses?

LAC: Yes! We have great admiration for Patagonia, for their commitment and action on sustainability; for Yes! Magazine, for their commitment in sharing positive work in the world and providing truth on the issues that matter; and Chipotle, for their huge impact on sustainable, organic and humane farming and educating the masses on its importance. 

TGW: Are there any specific "good" initiatives out there that you've really found yourselves drawn to?

LAC: We rely on the pioneers of sustainable and delicious eating such as Alice Waters, Anne Marie Colbin, and Michael Pollan. Their work is our guiding light and spreads the truth so simply; that real food is life is art is love! (And it's not complicated!)

We are also inspired by Danny Meyer’ book, “Setting The Table,” which discusses what extraordinary hospitality truly means. 

TGW: What does good mean to you?

LAC: When you look up the definition of “Good” in the dictionary or thesaurus, terms such as, “quality, virtuous, kind, and honorable” are used to describe its meaning. We believe something considered “good” should have these attributes.

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