Money talks

"There are a lot of amazing organizations out there doing really (socially) good things. They just need a place to get together with one another and get found."

Practically each and every day we put money towards something. The cash, the card, the spare change on the dresser...right through the tips of our fingers. All going towards things. Stuff, goods and services, wants and needs. If you're here, reading this, it's probably because you care about something, something that matters – whether it's mamma earth, human rights, your local community or healthy living...maybe all of these things matter to you.

Everyone of us is here because we care. But here's the thing, money talks. Shouldn't we spend our hard-earned dollars, euros and yen toward brands and organizations that care too? That is, if we could? 

This is an idea that has crossed the minds of many, in many different forms. Perhaps some of the earliest sightings of 'good' spending were those that visited the fair trade gift shop on Main Street or bought organic meat in their local supermarket.

Fast forward to today. We now see more and more people choosing to spend money with businesses they believe in, in many industries, on a much larger scale. I doubt anyone will disagree that some of this "social consciousness", obliged CSR,  etc,. happens in part from consumer expectation (a.k.a. "pressure"). 

However, at This Good World we believe that a lot/most-of this movement has to do with one, two or three people just starting out that also happen to give a damn. They give a damn about something that matters, just like you and me. A shift is taking place. We are starting to be able to buy quality, made-in-the-USA products that don't cost a fortune. We can make purchases and feel good about them (e.g. "buy one give ones"). We can buy your groceries from a place that treats their employees great. We can get our taxes done by a business extremely involved in the local community. 

Ok. Amazing. So what now? 

What happens next is a two-part movement: 

1. We create a way to find these folks easily, for when we're ready to click PURCHASE or swipe the card
2. We bring them together* (we'll talk more about this)

And this is exactly the mission of This Good World–bringing these businesses together, under one global roof, so they can be discovered by those who want to spend money on good products and services. 

You can: 

Go out to eat and feel good about it. 
Buy a new pair of jeans and feel good about it. 
Hire a house painter and feel good about it. 
Print wedding invitations and feel good about it. 
Yes, purchase booze and feel good about it. 

If we come together, if you help us out, this good will grow and grow and grow.

*Bring them together...what's that all about? Up next we'll talk about why connecting these organizations together is crucial to their survival. The group of people that give a damn will sustain.

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