Raven + Crow

We consider ourselves extremely lucky here at This Good World to be able to meet some remarkable people doing extraordinary good through their everyday work. Raven + Crow Studio is certainly included in that bunch. This Brooklyn-born, LA-based design shop specializes in not being jerks, which we think is awesome. Oh, and they just happen to do some pretty damn great design, marketing strategy and branding work aside from the not-being-jerks thing.

Raven + Crow's founders, Troy and Katie, are both long-time vegans who have worked in and been a part of the animal rights movement since the mid-nineties, when they first met in college in Virginia. They throw huge efforts toward supporting animal cruelty-free causes and organizations, during both work and personal hours. This creative-driven duo also provides a reduced rate to nonprofit clients; specifically those dedicated to climate change and clean water initiatives.

We were lucky enough to ask the team at Raven + Crow Studios a few questions about good. Enjoy the exchange below, and please check out all of the good they do over at thisgoodworld.com/ravenandcrow. Their creative talents match their dedication and passion to spreading the good, so give them a shout if you're in need of some great design work. Trust us, they live up to their specialty--they're far from jerks.


As business owners, what does "good" mean to you?

To us, it's about finding clients who are actively working to make the world a better place and then using our talents to allow them to do that work more effectively. We work with non-profits who work in various fields from environmental sustainability to animal rights to child literacy to clean water to parks advocacy; small businesses with benevolent motives, like the vegan shoe store, MooShoes, or Garfield Realty, which runs a non-profit working with homeless and transitional youths on the side; and we've worked with various offices at the United Nations over the years, working to make their communication materials more effective and efficient so that they can better provide support and relief on the ground. We love what we do day-to-day, but what keeps us going is knowing that we’re doing it all for a greater good.


How do you bring your personal value set to your business on a daily/regular basis?

By being really, really picky. We're not throwing parades for ourselves, but we do think we're really good at what we do, and we want to make sure we're forwarding the right agenda, in our minds. Outside of Web developers, whom we bring on board on a project-to-project basis, it's essentially just two of us, and we really don't have any desire to change that work dynamic anytime soon. But that means we have to be very selective about what projects we take on given that our time is very limited, and we want to be able to fully devote ourselves creatively to the projects we agree to take on.


Whether it's with your clients or other businesses, can you tell us what it's like to collaborate with other businesses to bring more good to this world?

Ah, it's awesome. I can't tell you how great it feels to see something you created for a client out there working for them—be it a Web site for the United Nations Mine Action Service or a suite of print materials educating the public on animal advocacy or a giant banner at the White House for First Book. We're design nerds, so we love it when something looks pretty/cool/innovative, but it's really about identifying your client's goal for a project, getting in the mind of their audience, and then figuring out the best way to bridge the gap between the two—it's about effective communication, and when we see that we've done that, that we've clearly, succinctly communicated the goals of our clients in this fast-paced, 140-character world, it feels really great.




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