"To turn swords into plough shares." This ancient saying became a path toward entrepreneurship for Sword & Plough founders and sisters, Emily & Betsy Núñez. We were lucky enough to sit down with the duo to chat about the importance of the connection between military and civilians, veteran empowerment, and much more. Check out the interview below, then check out all of their good over at thisgoodworld.com/swordnplough shop all of their amazing bags and accessories at swordandplough.com.


TGW: Can you tell us a bit about how Sword & Plough empowers veterans?

Sword & Plough: At the most basic level, we work to employ veterans through our manufacturers -- Our manufacturing partners are owned/operated by veterans and hire veterans as sewers, and to date we have supported 37 veteran jobs. However, our mission to empower veterans extends beyond employment. Our products and brand allow us to create a powerful dialogue around veteran issues in the United States. We honor individual veterans and speak to veteran challenges through our growing social media following and we donate 10% of our profits to organizations working to facilitate veteran reintegration into civilian society.

TGW: Your name has a very intriguing meaning - can you tell us a bit about that and what it means to your mission?

Sword & Plough: The name "Sword & Plough" originates from the ancient phrase, "to turn swords into plowshares." Those words refer to the idea of taking military technologies and repurposing them for peaceful civilian application. At the manufacturing level, we are literally doing that -- We construct our bags from repurposed military material. But our name also holds true with regards to the larger mission of improving veteran conditions through the employment of vets and support of veteran initiatives. We have created a product that follows the path of a soldier from active duty to re-integration into civilian life.

TGW: Your brand and products (from start to finish) have an amazing story. Can you talk about the important role of storytelling when it comes to manufacturing?

Sword & Plough We believe that our products can stand alone in their style and function, but it is the story that truly sets them apart. For any brand, a story is an important piece of legacy, and being able to effectively tell that story is essential. Now, more than ever, customers want to know where and how their products are being made. We live in an era of socially conscious consumers, who are willing to spend a little more to know the story behind their product. For this reason, storytelling is crucial to differentiating your product in the marketplace.

TGW: Are there any specific "good" initiatives out there that you've really found yourselves drawn to?

Sword & Plough: We recently partnered with Got Your 6, a campaign whose goal, like ours, is to bridge the civilian-military divide. Got Your 6 is a coalition of charities, corporate partners and government organizations aimed at improving veteran outcomes. The campaign works on six key pillars to support U.S. military veterans: Employment, Health, Education, Housing, Leadership and Family. Each of these pillars supports veteran reintegration into civilian society, and S&P is very proud to be a part of this solution.

TGW: What does good mean to you?

Sword & Plough: Good is about making a difference. It is about working to institute positive change through your influence. It is about supporting those in need.

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