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Wake up and smell the Friday, friends!

Public service announcement from your pals at TGW… Did you hear? The inventor of the K-Cup totally regrets ever coming up with such an idea. We couldn’t agree more. These little cups of environmental destruction are building up in landfills all over the world. It’s a big problem and a great example of a small change we can all make to have a HUGE collective impact. Dust off your auto-drips and pour-overs, folks. Mother Nature will high five you for it.

Phew… now that that’s off our coffee-loving chests, check out a few of the rad businesses and collections we added to This Good World this week. 
Cheers + Thanks,
-This Good World Team

Faves added to the map this week

DesignGood - An online social good community and design/branding shop in Austin, TX bringing some serious meaning to the world of design.
Orange Harp - The world’s first mobile app for fashion by designers that respect the planet and its people. 
14th Star Brewing Co. - A veteran owned and operated Vermont brewery dedicated to not only serving great brews, but also serving the local and veteran communities. (thanks to TGW user & Vermonter, Silas, for this reco!)
Slows BBQ - A Detroit staple, this bbq joint dishes out some huge community support along with one badass menu.
Mitten Brewing Company - Vintage, baseball-themed microbrewery and pizzeria in Grand Rapids, MI. (shoutout to TGW user Patrick from Grand Rapids for the reco!)
As always, we’re adding new businesses doing good things to the map each and every day, so swing by anytime.

New Collections and Updates

-The rate of homelessness in the US is alarming and, unfortunately, a growing problem in many, many cities. Semi-silver lining? Some amazing businesses and organizations are doing some really great things to help fight this epidemic. Check out some of them on our Homelessness Page.

-Consumer brands, restaurants, shops aren’t the only ones getting’ down with social good. Here are a few examples of business services companies doing some dang good things!

-As a reminder, you can see all of our good business categories here. We’ve got some really, really exciting new features to release out into the wild in the coming weeks.  
We’re really, really excited about them. We think you’ll really, really like them.


Know a business doing good things? Let us know so we can add them to the map!

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