What's Good Weekly 031315

Friday, Pizza night! If you're from Philly or like feel good videos you've probably heard by now of the $1 slice pizza joint that helps the homeless with each slice. Owner of Rosa's Fresh Pizza, Mason Wartman started this brilliant initiative and its success thus far is clearly part of his ideas on change, and making a difference. Walk in and the $1 slice joint is painted by a post-it note rainbow of posi messages. He was just on Ellen too. Damn. Who says the dollar is dead?

And just for fun...a study last year found that listening to soothing music can reduce road rage, so
if you're the type to get a little hot around the collar on the road from time to time, these brain songs have been created to lower your blood pressure, soothe your ears and bring you back to planet earth.
You can stream/download over on SpotifyiTunes or Soundcloud. Lots of good new businesses added this week, check 'em out below!
Good Vibes,
-This Good World Team

Faves added to the map this week

  • Lollypop FarmRochester, NY Caring for over 10,500 homeless animals each year, rich with programs and focused on educating the community. We'll be doing an in-depth spotlight soon on this incredible org.

  • FuzzcoCharleston, SC - A creative agency with  chickens (and their eggs)!

  • EtkieNew Mexico - Handmade jewelry creating jobs for native American women artists. Check out their beautiful collection.

  • Strong Hearts CafeSyracuse, NY - Vegan Milkshakes! Strong Hearts is rust-belt community proud all the way. Learn more about the great things they do in upstate.

  • Flowers For Dreams, Chicago, Il- Locally crafted flowers in Chicago where each and every arrangement benefits a local charity.

#GoodBiz roundup for the week

-Check out our new STAFF PICKS collection area! Our team will be adding our fava-faves to this regularly.

-We're currently testing some amazing new features to get YOU more involved in This Good World. If you're interested in helping us in working out the kinks so we have a super smooth roll out, let us know! contact@thisgoodworld.com. We're going to have all sorts of good-goodies and incentives! 

-Our ENVIRONMENT collection is by far one of the beefier areas where you can learn more about businesses doing great things for mamma earth. Keeping checking back to find out who gives a damn.

As a reminder, you can see all of our good business categories here.

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