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Dresden Public Relations blends expertise with passion to share your message broadly, intelligently, and enthusiastically. We are based in Rochester, N.Y. and offer a menu of full-service public relations, including branding, writing, social media, traditional media, and reputation management. Behind-the-curtain is a creative team led by Dresden Engle, an award-winning PR professional with 25 years experience as a journalist and company spokesperson and lead writer. She has worked extensively with social media as well as traditional media locally, nationally, and internationally. Dresden Public Relations knows how to pitch to news outlets, strategically analyze your brand, and work social media to your advantage, anchored by writing expertise across all platforms. We are ready to push out your messages ... give us a shout and we'll get them talking about you.

60 Belvista Drive
Rochester, NY 14625
United States

  • Community

    In addition to mentoring students and interns, we assist several non-profit organizations with volunteer services — guiding their strategic communications, internal communications, branding, messaging, social media, and media relations.

  • Environment

    We represent companies that offer a menu of sustainable products and services. By sharing their stories, we help educate the public as to choices now available and the benefit of "going green" at work and at home.

  • Social

    By offering pro-bono PR and social media services to a variety of charities, we help spread awareness about social causes and their related fundraisers and platforms.

  • Employees Culture

    We encourage a team approach to projects, free of hierarchical status, so all staff can feel empowered and relevant and important.

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