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feNa is a California-based handbag, fragrance & accessories brand founded in 2011 by Kellyn Timmerman, an architect who gave it all up to design what are now some of the most sought-after handbags in the nation. feNa designs are known for their captivating contemporary-classic style, eco-friendly finishes and their optimistic and inspiring vibe, heavily infused into the brand.

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San Diego, CA 92108
United States
  • Environment

    Kellyn has a passion for nature photography, capturing all things beautiful on this gorgeous earth of ours. It's only fitting she feels strongly about living a sustainable lifestyle personally, as well as professionally. feNa reduces their carbon footprint by manufacturing all products nearby in California, a quick 2 hour drive from their home base.  This in turn reduces shipping footprints and costs, which spread to our material suppliers in the US as well. In addition, feNa purchases shipping supplies (boxes, packing paper, shopping bags, business cards etc.) that are all sustainable and recyclable. A firm believer in not wasting, feNa uses every piece of material and component used for their designs and never has a large excess of unused/wasted items.

  • Social

    Thriving on gratitude and optimism, (the only way feNa became a reality), Kellyn made a commitment to keep every post, share and/or comment across all social media and brand channels positive. After almost three years in business, you will not find a single negative vibe associated with their brand. Often straying from tradition and "going her own way", Kellyn wanted to name all of her styles after something positive & powerful ~ a special gift to be passed to each person carrying feNa.  She seals their purchases with the definition of each name, hoping they are feeling those things every time they wear or think of feNa.

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