Fifty and Fifty

Fifty and Fifty

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Fifty & Fifty is a humanitarian creative studio providing design and technology services for those doing incredible good in the world. We say that we are not out to save the world, but to tell the stories of people who are. We invest in each organization we partner with. We believe in their causes, understand their issues, and work to meaningfully address each project we put our fingerprint on

629 J Street unit 207
san diego, CA 92101
United States

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  • Social

    Our commitment to social good comes through the work that we are able to be a part of. We know our role to be one that is supportive of the organizations we partner with as they focus on working through some of the most pressing and challenging issues facing the world on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide top level services for organizations and causes that would normally not be able to afford the work that we provide.

  • Employees Culture

    Our office is the home for our team. We try to create and open environment that is beyond just a place to work. Relationships are key around here and that comes out how we spend time together inside and outside the office. The coffee is abundant, the location is perfect, the walls are bright and white lending to high energy and an inspiring place to come together and tell the stories of those we get to work with. And on top of all that we have almost a 1 to 1 ratio of dogs and humans, always good to have mans best friend around.

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