Forty Weight Coffee Roasters

Forty Weight Coffee Roasters

On the map since Apr 2015

Based in Ithaca NY, Forty Weight is a specialty coffee roasting company directly trading from small farms internationally. You can find Forty Weight in coffee shops in NYC, specialty grocers and farmers market on the east coast.

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Ithaca, NY
United States

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    "We believe in operating in an accessible and transparent fashion, making every effort to embrace not only our customer base, but also our brothers and sisters in competing cafes and roasteries. A strong community is key to pushing the limits of the industry in quality, sustainability, and beyond. Being a strong family is not only important to Specialty Coffee’s sustainable growth, but it also makes for a much more enjoyable work atmosphere. We reject the coffee-snob elitisms that is all too often associated with our industry. Simply put, it’s nice to be nice."

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    Forty Weight's business goal is to become a 100% direct trade company in the coming years. They do not "limit to sourcing Organic and Fair Trade coffees because we find both certification systems to be heavily flawed at times as well as prohibitively expensive, often adversely affecting the participating farmers."


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