VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Fuzzco is a creative agency that helps interesting companies do interesting things. Conveniently located outside all major U.S. cities.

95 Cannon
Charleston, SC 29403
United States
  • Community

    We offer our services at a discounted rate and occasionally for free to local nonprofits like the Bee Cause and the Greenheart Project. We love to help local companies achieve their business goals by providing design and website work at a rate that they can afford. 

  • Environment

    We do the basics such as recycle and conserve paper. We hardly ever print anything for our internal use which is kind of incredible for a business like ours. We also like to design packaging for our clients that doesn't create a lot of waste in the world. We have 5 pet chickens at the office who act like little composters for our kitchen scraps. We have skylights to save electricity, low flow toilets to conserve water and programmable thermostats by Nest that help conserve energy. We also used a lot of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of our office.

  • Social

    We love to work with companies like Bike Law who are incredible assets to people in our community and beyond.

  • Employees Culture

    It's important that we offer people who work at Fuzzco an environment that helps them be happy and healthy. The studio where we work is flooded with natural light. We have lots of plants inside that help keep people calm. We have standing desks to help people stay active as well as several games to provide a welcome distraction during the day. The chickens (and their eggs that we share) bring everyone happiness during the day. We offer free yoga once a week before work and we gather for a weekly lunch that we provide every Friday. We also offer free gym memberships to the local gym at the Medical University. We give birthday massages to everyone on their birthday. Finally, there are always healthy snacks available in the kitchen for people to munch on throughout the day.

Source: Fuzzco Facebook

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