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Garuka Bars® is named after one of the few remaining mountain gorillas ranging the volcanic forests of the Virunga Massif in Rwanda. Garuka needs protection and you need all-natural energy. We’re working on both. Our bars are packed full of simple, wholesome ingredients, and a percentage of each sale goes towards gorilla conservation.

650 Fisher Road
Montgomery Center, VT 05471
United States
  • Community

    We sell our bars at a reduced rate to several local high schools and middle schools, because we believe every kid should have nutritious snack options!  We also participate in these schools fundraisers whenever possible.  For example, we've helped Champlain Valley Union High School raise almost $8,000 for their Commmunity Cares Camp.

  • Environment

    We are the first and only energy bar company to use 100% consumer recyclable packaging.  Our wrappers are made with #6 plastic and recyclable paper.  We donate at least 1% of profits to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme to aid in their socioeconomic approach to gorilla conservation in Central Africa.

  • Social

    The money we donate to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme every year goes towards socioeconomic conservation efforts like building rain water harvesters for communities in Central Africa. We also donate bars every year to the RunVT shoe drive to help encourage donations of shoes for those in need.   

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