On the map since Apr 2015

Bringing light and intelligence in IT We optimize business process. We strive at the doing business the right way. We want to give back 1% of our revenues and allow our employess to take 1% of their time to do good around them. We're just an organization who believes people are the greatest thing mankind has to offer. Every life is precious and has its place.

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  • Community

    We mentor teenagers in making the right choices for their future careers. We coach them in their personal lives. We also coach young couples too, often the parents of those teens in how to cope with life's hardship

  • Environment

    We do our share in recycling, eating our veggies and not abuse our surroundings

  • Social

    Our employees give use 1% of their paid time to do good around themselves, they choose their charity or event

  • Employees Culture

    We foster team work and servant leadership. Everybody is in it to make the other one's life easier

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