VERIFIED business since Sep 2015

Our line of merchandise has a charm and spirit that speaks to a ‘multi-culti’ sensibility and we measure success in terms of our impact on the global experience cultivated by social and cultural entrepreneurs to increase mutual benefit while building upon our shared responsibility and humanity.

Brooklyn, NY
United States

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  • Community

    The Grace & Manners vision is to build social innovation, community wealth/public asset building, unity of purpose interests, and develop solutions-oriented strategies that recognize the obligation quality of life issues.

  • Social

    Our Strategic Plan explores the cooperative elements that:
    * Respect the community and grassroots perspective
    * Foster a population of informed responsible proactive citizens
    * Recognize interdependence among sectors, communities, partnerships and the diversity of people/interest needed to address concerns
    * Build bridges, defuse conflicts and bring together a mixture of constituencies
    * Focus on opportunities and activities that eliminate reliance, deception and insecurity.
    * Seek advocates among civic organizations, private sector, local/state governments, and national representative.

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