Indie Printing

Indie Printing

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Indie Printing is a Downtown Los Angeles Printing company, which was formed in 2003. We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly printing company, and take pride in our commitment to quality, reliability and 5 star service. Indie Printing Inc. is more than a printer. We are an environmentally conscious printing company built as a solution for the impossible turnaround, the budget conscious startup, and the need for a company who takes a personal approach to quality, without compromise.

3113 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA 90007
United States
  • Community

    Formed in 2003, Indie Printing Inc., was developed on the notion of the "helping hand." Indie Printing truly express' an interest in our clients projects, and do what's necessary to make printing easy and affordable. When our community is in need many a times we have donated our services to further our communities agendas. 

  • Environment

    At Indie Printing Inc., “BEING GREEN” is far MORE THAN JUST INK AND PAPER. It would be unwise for us to simply abide by our industry's regulations. More importantly, we implement our own PERSONAL STANDARDS in order to satisfy our representation of being an ECO-CONSCIOUS PRINTING company. We use hybrid delivery vehicles, we recycle our paper waste. 

  • Social

    Indie Printing’s commitment to the environment has lead us to become members of and/or support the following organizations, which keep us in close contact with the movement for a better planet, and help Indie Printing in being a socially conscious and “green” printing company. We support Amazon watch, Green America, PIA and many other non-profits that are on path to make a change.

  • Employees Culture

    The founders and staff at Indie Printing have all been or are still involved in film, music, arts, business and culture in their own respectable way. Each member helps develop what you see today as Indie Printing. Staying grounded to real world experience, our products, special offers and overall character of the company stay up-to-date and relevant to industry trends and practices.Our employees bike to work, we have a community bike any employee can use to bike to lunch. 

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