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We are a Strategy Management Firm that works with Small-Businesses and Start-ups with the goal of helping these companies create better communities. We believe that businesses should change their bottom line from profit maximization to Community Maximization in order to create more Equality, Sustainability, and Justice in the world.

200 e broadway
glendale, CA 91205
United States
  • Community

    As stated earlier, our whole concern is to improve the local community. Part of that includes investing in local companies, buying from local businesses, partnering with local organizations, and we are constanly looking for other local benefits.

  • Environment

    The company personally tries to minimize its carbon footprint by using all electronic communications, being conscious of the environmental impact of office supplies, among other general environmental practices. However, one of our main concerns in counseling our clients is to ensure that they are doing every thing that they can to have a positive impact on the environment, specifically the environment in their local community.

  • Social

    Our biggest objective is to help businesses connect their product/service with a social issue that they are trying to overcome. We are trying to use our consulting service to stop this notion that businesses are only meant to make money without a concern as to how, and prove that focusing on building better communities is an all around better choice.

  • Employees Culture

    We do not have any employees right now but employee engagement is something we constantly study and are ready to implement. As well as employee engagement is a major issue that we address with our clients, as we believe that will lead to a better business and employee happiness.

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