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We've perfected an easy, elegant, and eco-conscious way to turn your memories into a modern work of art without the clunky frame, glass and mat. We will print your photos/artwork and mount it on sustainably harvested bamboo and maple panels. Made in Portland, Oregon by real humans.

318 SE Main St Suite #400
Portland, OR 97214
United States
  • Community

    We do our best to support small, locally owned and operated businesses. We buy many of our products from other Portland-based companies, such as our maple plywood, photo prints and shipping materials/boxes.
    We donate our scrap plywood to the local community to be reused for art/craft projects.
    We donate our time to local organizations to help the community (service days). 
    We donate to many local schools, churches and other communities on a regular basis.

  • Environment

    Our bamboo plywood is sustainably harvested, sequesters carbon, and is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified for it’s ULEF adhesive.
    Our maple plywood is sustainably harvested and FSC certified.
    We use the world’s first recyclable & compostable freezer paper as part of our packing materials. 
    We use the world's coolest and ecologically friendly alternative to bubble-wrap. It's 100% recyclable!
    We reuse and recycle as much as we can. We also compost!
    We encourage our employees to ride bikes to work every day. We even have bike commute stats on our webpage! 

  • Social

    We offer discounts on our products to all non-profits, as we want to help organizations that are doing good in the world. 
    We work with Pathways to Manufacturing, which creates clear pathways to careers in the manufacturing industry among Portland area youth and their families

  • Employees Culture

    For employees who chose to bike to work, we offer money towards bicycle maintenance, new parts, etc.
    Healthcare benefits are offered to all employees who work aminimum of 32 hours a week. 
    All employees receive paid time off for sick leave. 
    During our daily breaks, we often times have baked goods for employeees to enjoy!

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