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  • Community

    Preserve finds unique ways to engage and activate those passionate about recycling plastics (a community becoming known as "Preservers") through initiatives such as a mail-in plastic program and placing physical bins all throughout the US for plastic recycling.

  • Environment

    Preserve aims to develop improved recycling efforts, create new markets for recycled materials and inspire people to consider their relationship with the Earth when choosing—and using—the products they want and need. Through initiatives like the Gimme 5 program, they partner with companies such as Burt's Bees, Stonyfield, Brita and many, many more to obtain and recycle plastics into Preserve consumer products.

  • Social

    All Preserve recycling and manufacturing is done in the USA. Their Preserve Jr. toothbrushes highlight endangered species and support the largest grassroots conservation organization in the nation, the National Wildlife Federation.

  • Employees Culture

    Preserve applies the same level of respect it has to the planet to its workers. The company fosters a culture of creativity, reward for success and always encouraging self-expression by employees.

Source: Preserve Facebook

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