Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015
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We help older homeowners with critical home repair projects, including energy efficiency upgrades and safe and healthy home projects. We focus on preserving affordable homeownership using volunteer resources.

4355 Orchard Street
Suite 2R
Philadelphia, PA 19124
United States
  • Community

    The mission of Rebuilding Together Philadelphia is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. RTP carries out much of its work through Block Builds – neighborhood revitalization activities where individual home repair projects are clustered and complemented by exterior work: streetscaping, community greening and clean ups that maximize the impact on the surrounding community. Volunteers work alongside homeowners and their families to make essential home repairs, focusing on “warm, safe and dry” issues. Volunteers restore value to homes, elevating the quality of life of individuals and families. Rising energy costs have made weatherization a higher priority for each homeowner. Weatherization also increases comfort and reduces environmental impact. Home modifications for older adults and people with disabilities are priorities for RTP. By adapting living spaces, volunteers help homeowners “age in place” and/or remain as mobile and independent as possible. To make homes safer and more accessible, volunteers focus on installing grab bars, railings, levered doorknobs, and wheelchair ramps. Worn stairs and uneven floors are repaired. Volunteers install security doors and windows where needed and provide smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.      

  • Environment

    RTP volunteers address indoor environmental health issues such as lead paint, asthma triggers and household hazards. Many RTP homeowners desperately need exhaust fans, proper ventilation, mold elimination, and pest management. In addition RTP volunteers help homeowners understand the health and safety issues addressed through the repairs. When a team has completed its project, it has left the homeowner or family in improved health.

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