On the map since Oct 2016

Re-Nuble’s vision is to create closed loop agriculture systems throughout America and the world in which food waste does not exist, chemical additives have no place in our food, and farmers and growers feed their local communities, not landfills. 

348 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
United States

  • Community

    Re-Nuble is working towards a planet in which communities understand our food cycle and are empowered to make healthy food choices. They are also working towards a future in which community involvement helps to create fair access and opportunity for a healthy, food secure society at the local level.

  • Environment

    By catering to hydroponic growing, Re-Nuble supports a solution for greatly increasing food production without overtaxing land, natural resources, or destroying wildlife habitat. Rather than be discouraged by the urgent challenges the planet faces, Re-Nuble is inspired to work more diligently and creatively towards a world in which Earth’s precious resources are better utilized and food is used, not wasted.

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