Rock Hill Bakehouse

Rock Hill Bakehouse

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

We are handmade hearthbaked sourdough breads and biscotti. Started in a farmhouse in upstate NY in 1986, we have now passed our first quarter century. We have garnered high praise from Bernard Clayton, James Beard, Florence Fabricant, Mimi Sheraton and Ed (a guy who lives down the road). We love food and people and we work very hard to make a living doing what we love. It's pretty cyclical.

19 Exchange Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
United States

  • Community

    I buy local (as stated earlier) but I also founded a food coop and give it free space to grow. I serve on several arts boards which promote local art and film. I advertise with several independent weeklies and monthlies that provide my community with news the corporate media does not. I pay local musicians to play their original music and my cafe is used without charge for political and issues meetings. We sponsor our local theater (both an annual festival from NYC and also the community theater). There is hardly a charitable fundraiser that happens in this area in which we are not featured with a bread donation or sponsoring silent auction items.

  • Environment

    We buy local. About 60% of our cafe's ingredients are local and the wholesale bakery is working on 40%. We want sustainable farming and to see the return of wheat growing and milling to upstate New York which used to be New England's "bread basket" 100 years ago.

  • Social

    As owner and a baker here, I am a Green and have worked closely with Ralph Nader on his last three presidential bids. I believe that the two (one) party system is inherently broken (through corporate sponsorship and manipulation). I believe we all have to stop voting based on fear and instead support the brave candidates who speak our language and don't feed at the corporate trough.

  • Employees Culture

    $10/hour is our minimum wage (the local average starting pay is $7.90). My average worker makes $15 an hour in a market where food employees are lucky to make $11. My waitstaff make $7.25 an hour instead of the standard $3.85 allowed by law. I live in a rental unit and don't own boats and cottages. I still bake bread. Some of my full time staff make more than I do. We all suffer together. I am an empowered worker so I don't EVER feel that any of us are adequately compensated for what we do. The knowledge that corporate America is living off our back is always a driving force for me to stay active in educating people about alternative choices to the status quo.

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