Sirius Change

Sirius Change

On the map since Apr 2015

I work with leaders who are taking their organizations to another level. Through coaching and sometimes direct involvement in the organization, I work quietly for bright solutions. It is important for the organization to own and sustain the change process after I leave. Offering more than 20 years of experience leading organizational change I specialize in succession planning, increasing customer satisfaction and significantly improving business performance through strategic planning, design, development, communication and implementation of changes, cultural change, work process improvements, and customer centric strategies. I am particularly interested in how technology can help and hinder this change.

121 University Avenue
Rochester, NY 14605
United States

  • Community

    I often donate my services to non-profit organizations who need help with a transition.  The organizations have to demonstrate that they are improving the community and are willing to committ to such a change. 

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