Small Army

Small Army

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Many call us an ad agency, but we are really storytellers. Marketing is about sharing stories & building relationships. It's about creating a conversation and arming people with a story about you that resonates with them. Once they want to share it with others. So we're an ad agency but we're really not. We've been sharpening our storytelling skills for confident brands since 2002.

300 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
United States

  • Community

    Every month, Small Army invites a non-profit organization into its offices for a free "moral if the story" session.  During this session, Small Army works with the organization to help them identify their core belief (the moral of their story) so that they can more effectively tell their story. These sessions are helping numerous organizations, each with their own unique mission, succeed and grow. Non-profit organizations can apply for the free session online at

  • Social

    In honor of our co-founder, who lost his battle to cancer in 2007, Small Army founded a non-profit called Small Army for a Cause and an annual cancer fundraising event called Be Bold, Be Bald!  Thousands of people around the world go bald, by wearing a bald cap or shaving their head, to honor those who bravely battle the disease.  And, by getting sponsored for their bold move, they raise money for their preferred cancer charity.  In only 5 years, the event has raised approximatly $750,000 for 40+ cancer charities.  The 2014 event is scheduled for October 17 (

  • Employees Culture

    Small Army believes in the power of relationships and hosts a quarterly "storytelling" event at its Boston offices to help the community build them.  These events are open to all, and showcase the many ways in which people share/tell stories.  Events have included improv comedy, open jam sessions and cooking demonstrations. Aside from these events, Small Army has also created an open, collaborative and fun culture with an open space set-up, fully stocked kitchen, regular massage visits, quarterly company events (bowling, F1 racing, kickball, etc.) and corporate membership to The House of Blues.

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