Steam Horse Dry Goods Co

Steam Horse Dry Goods Co

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American-made workwear sewn to survive a hard day's work, engineered to live in. In 1869, our country was united by a railroad built on grueling manual labor. Then, garments were sewn to survive more than a hard day's work, they were engineered to live in. Now, Steam Horse Dry Goods Co. revives the rugged spirit of durable, lasting workwear and the pride of American workers.

1311 North Main Ave
Erwin, TN 37650
United States

  • Community

    As a railroad heritage brand, we support the rehabilitation of antique steam trains through the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. We partner with the local YMCA to support their annual foot race by providing shirts for their participants. Also, we support the local C.H.I.P.S. organization to help rehabilitate women who are recovering from domestic abuse.

  • Social

    We participate in several global efforts for social change. Our mosquito repellent arm band donations to children in Haiti help fight Malaria. Also, our Movember fundraisers help raise money to grow awareness for men's health around the world.

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