The Grommet

The Grommet

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

The Grommet is an online launch platform, marketplace and the founder of Citizen Commerce -- a movement that empowers people to support products with deeper meaning and benefits. It's a disruptive, new way to discover, share, and sell consumer products. Every day at noon we launch one inventive consumer product or service and broadcast its story across the web. We crowd-source suggestions for products, test and curate the best ideas, and then create a video review and word of mouth campaign for each product. When a product launches on The Grommet, we open up a discussion board on our site where people can chat directly with us or the Maker of the product.

87 Elmwood St
(The Grommet)
Somerville, MA 02144
United States
  • Community

    We have a section to find unique products made in the USA. These American-made products create jobs and opportunities for local communities. In the spirit of American ingenuity, let us know about your own favorite USA-made product. If it has the makings of a great Grommet, we’ll help spread the word to our community.

  • Environment

    Our Natural and Eco section includes products and accessories, including organic clothing, all-natural health and beauty aids and green jewelry designers. 

  • Social

    We proudly amplify the stories of Social Enterprises where the entrepreneurs and artisans use their businesses to pursue social and environmental goals. These businesses are assisting communities in need all over the world, and your purchases can help them do more. 

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