White Dog Cafe

White Dog Cafe

On the map since Apr 2015

The White Dog Cafe is known for its unusual blend of award-winning contemporary American cuisine, civic engagement, ethical sourcing practices and environmental sustainability.

3420 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

  • Community

    The White Dog prides itself on supporting the local food community and system by sourcing all food from close to home, brightening the outlook for the local community and economy.

  • Environment

    White Dog is a leader in local, sustainable food sourcing. They work with farms and suppliers close to Philadelphia... very close. In fact, you can see a map of their producers and farmers right smack dab on their homepage. All cleaning products used in the restaurant are eco-friendly, keeping things clean behind the scenes in more than one way.

  • Social

    All tea, coffee and chocolate served at the White Dog Cafe are Fair Trade and Certified Organic.

  • Employees Culture

    The passion for local, sustainable food brought to the table (literally) by social activist and founder, Judy Wicks, in 1983 can be seen in each employee at White Dog.

Source: White Dog Facebook

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