World Education Foundation

World Education Foundation

On the map since Apr 2015

WE are an organization bridging the gap between academic knowledge and implementation across borders. WE approach complex problems and are able to find innovative solutions through immersion, design and data. WE focus on human behavior in the approach of new technologies, creating feedback analysis, which help us decide which projects to engage.

213 Gardner St.
Long Beach, CA 90807
United States
  • Community

    WE work with global communites to figure out localized problems, which have a global consequence. One of the projects WE have worked on is with local Congolese farmers in the DRCongo, making a collaborative effort of cultivating and transporting raw quinine bark into Bukavu (main city in East DRC) to be processed into malaria treatments. Since the inception in March of 2011, WE have been able to create 100+ jobs and 370,000 + treatments for malaria.  

  • Environment

    WE create sustainable systems in the Global South to secure safe and clean energy for local villages. Through supporting and developing agro-business projects in some of the most marginalized places in the world, we are able to approach energy solutions in indigenous areas, allowing for the creation of jobs, implentation of new technologies and harnassing ancient wisdom and seamless design.   

  • Social

    Our values and mission are deeply rooted in the WE culture and social change. WE have fostered relationships across the world, generating trust to collaborate and grow projects which will benefit the Human Element as WE approach a technological world. WE focus on equity to scale, where technology is harnassed to increase the standard of living for all living systems. 

  • Employees Culture

    WE encourage our employees and workers to find their unique 'I' and how that integrates into WE values, where WE are able to share, collaborate and enagage in a deeply rooted space. This allows us to be inspired through our highest creativity and mind potential. Meditation, Song and Dance are engrained in our operating system. 

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