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Alaffia empowers and encourages sustainability, community projects, women's cooperatives, and education initiatives in West African communities. All of which is funded by the sales of body and hair care products, baskets, and accessories. 


Olympia, WA 98501
United States
  • Community

    Alaffia funds full pre- and postnatal care, including special and urgent needs, to women in rural Togo. Alaffia also partners with local Togolese health clinics  to provide information and training on all women’s health issues, including nutrition, preventing female genital mutilation, and much more. Alaffia collects used eye glasses in retail locations to donate to Togolese communities where an optometrist is able to fit glasses to community members. 

  • Environment

    Through product sales, Alaffia was able to fund the planting of nearly 60,000 trees in Togolese communities. Alaffia also conducts trainings to discourage the cutting of shea trees for firewood and charcoal to preserve this important indigenous resource for future generations. Through their Alternative Fuels Project, Alaffia investigated sustainable fuel alternatives, such as bio-gas and bio-oils, to reduce the demand for wood and charcoal.

  • Social

    Alaffia provides school uniforms, books, and writing supplies to children in Togolese communities to offset the financial burden these items have on poor families. In addition, Alaffia also donates desks and installs new roofs on schools to make learning a more enjoyable experience. Since 2011, Alaffia product sales have funded the construction of ten schools throughout Togo and provided school supplies to 32,842 recipients. 

Image credits: Alaffia Facebook Page

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