VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Beacon is a neighborhood faith community located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia that invites people of all ages to grow together through arts, learning, and faith. We believe that creative expression and storytelling provide unique avenues for individual and community transformation and growth. We offer space for creative expression weekly through secular after school programs for children and youth, community events for all ages, and an open, welcoming worship service.

2364 E Cumberland st.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
United States
  • Community

    Beacon’s artistic programing helps to uncover, support, and hear the voices of students who do not often have the experience of having someone’s full attention. Both in our programs, and in our organizational planning, Beacon listens well to its students and community, creating spaces for each child and adult to share and be heard, as well as forming our future programs from the insights gained from the stories we hear and in which we participate in our community. In this, we have created a diverse and multi-generational space where people from all different backgrounds and ages are able to come together and practice truly seeing each other as well as being seen.

  • Environment

    Beacon has and uses a large yard for outdoor programming three seasons a year. One of the only neighborhood green spaces, the yard offers space for children to write, draw, color, paint, and play outside as a part of their experience at Beacon. In addition, we grow plants for the communtiy to share in raised beds and have offered free workshops on gardening, pickling, and photography, hoping to inspire little ones and adults alike to care about the earth. During the summer it is not unusual to see kids running through sprinklers during the day and a group of adults around a fire pit sharing conversation and life together in the evening. We are currently dreaming up more ways to use the yard creatively and as a point of connection for people from many different backgrounds, with many different stories which have converged in our community. 

  • Social

    Through our programs and presence, Beacon strives to provide a safe, educational, reliable, and affirming community space for children that combat the prevalent consequences of impoverished life in Kensington and provide developmental opportunities so that all children in our community can thrive and find their voice. Hoping to equip them for success in school and in interpersonal and vocational life, we currently offer three weekly programs. On Mondays we host a Drop In Studio for our older kids (11 and up) where they can make connections with one another and get help with homework or advice on life. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for kiddos 5 and up and offer the chance to participate in read-to-write creative writing (Story Studio) and visual arts (Art Studio). All of these programs are free to the community and include snacks, supplies, a high ratio of volunteers to students, and a safe environment of love and respect for every child.    

  • Employees Culture

    As a small organization, Beacon prides itself on being vertically integrated. The same staff interfaces directly with children and parents as plans programming. As community members ourselves the stories, needs, and neighborhood trends we encounter inform our care for our students and the curriculums we use at every level. In addition, the ministry training of Beacon’s staff makes us practiced in creating safe spaces, building community, and resolving conflict. Because of the staff’s training and the reflective nature of our creative programs, the studio becomes a safe spaces to share stories, process difficult experiences, and build supportive friendships and mentorship bonds

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