City Soil

City Soil

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City Soil cultivates and sustains agricultural projects from neighborhood gardens to commercial farms. They develops projects ranging from centralized in-vessel commercial composting and anaerobic digestion facilities to decentralized compost operations serving community gardens, farms, schools and and residential backyards.

American Legion Highway
Boston, MA 02131
United States
  • Community

    City Soil provides doesn't mind getting their hands dirty with community projects, both large and small, that help sustain and develop the local economy and community.

  • Environment

    City Soil is dedicated to placing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the center of sustainable agriculture and energy innovation. Their services help grow the region's organic waste recycling infrastructure by integrating renewable energy production with healthier, more productive soils and landscapes that are resilient to the effects of climate change. They also have a retail site that sells composted mulch and topsoils, all of which are gathered and produced locally.

  • Social

    City Soil has been instrumental in developing the infrastructure that diverts hundreds of thousands of tons of organic wastes from landfills and incineration annually.

Source: City Soil Facebook

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