Community Composting

Community Composting

On the map since May 2017

Community Composting is a full-service food waste recycling business. They offer a popular household service as well as a commercial service for restaurants, cafes, schools, cafeterias, offices and food-service businesses

United States

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  • Community

    Every Spring, Community Composting customers receive certified organic compost made from their own food scraps. They also donate bulk deliveries of compost to urban farms and community gardens. Converting a waste stream into a valuable and sustainable resource is something they are passionate about.

  • Environment

    In today’s world it’s very easy to throw food in the trash; their goal is to make composting just as easy. Community Composting provides containers and you fill them with compostable material. They come by each week to service and clean the bin, and turn your food scraps into soil. Community Composting works with local farms to turn your waste into a valuable resource

  • Social

    Community Composting is focused on keeping food out of the landfill, replenishing the local soil, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through composting, Rochester residents and businesses are able to divert their food scraps and waste from the landfill, which in turn helps the city and its suburbs build a more sustainable future for the region.

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