A Day Without A Woman

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. It also happens to be Action 4 of the Women’s March Movement called a #DayWithoutAWoman. Tomorrow, the women on our team will not be coming to work. Not because we experience inequality personally within this environment - quite the contrary, we’re a woman-owned company and 75% women-operated. We will be staying home because we are standing with those who do.

We recognize the immense value that all women and gender-oppressed individuals contribute to our society while also acknowledging that despite our tremendous contributions, we receive lower wages, are vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, social oppression, and job insecurity. We reject this. Therefore, we are taking tomorrow to stand united with our sisters and brothers and we are calling for you to join us.

Here is what we will be doing:

- Our women will be taking the day off of work on Wednesday, 3/8.
- We will avoid shopping tomorrow, 3/8, to show the enormous economic value we contribute. If we find we need to pick something up, we’ll be going to women or minority-owned local businesses.
- We will be donning our best RED gear in solidarity with #DayWithoutAWoman tomorrow, 3/8.

Also, some of us may be attending this local, Rochester NY event:

Rochester NOW (National Organization of Women) will be hosting demonstrations in the South Wedge tomorrow, starting at 10:00 am at Premier Pastry. See details here or visit the event Facebook page.

Some other suggestions:

- Volunteer at a local non-profit aligned with the mission of this action.
- Visit Susan B. Anthony at the Mt. Hope Cemetery.
- Write your Senators, your local Representatives, or our Mayor about a cause dear to you and aligned with the mission of this action (ie. wage and job inequality, gender discrimination, etc.).

For more information on the National movement, see the Women’s March website: https://www.womensmarch.com/womensday. Additionally, they have some helpful resources on their site too:

- For a template letter to inform your employer of your participation in A Day Without A Woman, click here.
- For a template "Out of the Office" auto-response email, click here.
- For social media content and graphics, please check out this page.

Whatever you end up doing or not doing tomorrow, know that you inspire us with your courage to stand up for what’s good and right, with your desire and ability to take action for equity, justice, and human rights. When millions united in January, we felt the Earth shake. We felt that change was coming. When we hosted Action 1 & 2 at our office and sent over 400 postcards to our Senators, we were further inspired. Let’s keep the momentum. Let’s grow the momentum. United, let’s bring the change.

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