Introducing New User Accounts

Introducing: User Accounts

A whole new way to get in on the good.

Since we officially launched This Good World a little over a year ago, our goal (ok, ok... our obsession) has been to give another voice to tons of great businesses out there doing good things for the environment, for social issues, for their local communities, for their employees and so much more.

While that will NEVER stop, we're excited to announce the next big piece of our mission and roadmap - TGW User Accounts. This is our most significant release to date and we're thrilled to share it with you, our insiders and supporters. 

"What the heck can I do with a TGW User Account?" So glad you asked...

LIKE businesses you know are doing good things and BOOKMARK those that you want to check out later.

SUBMIT recommendations for businesses doing good things that aren't yet on the platform (and get rewarded for doing so!!).

FOLLOW your friends and SHARE your favorite businesses with them and others (Spread the Good!).

"How do I get started?" Simple... 

Just head over to our homepage to create your free account.


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