Now More Than Ever

When you pay your bill at a restaurant, do you ever stop to think where your dollars might be going? As individuals our voices and opinions often times take the form of dollars or monetary investments. It's relatively easy to make a purchase and not question the company you just supported, but what if that company supported and believed in policies, ideas, and opinions that don't align with your own? Would you reconsider your purchase, future purchases, or even tell your social networks? When you make a donation to an organization, charity, or non-profit group, you're voicing the opinion that that organization's mission is important and aligns with your own beliefs, so what if we took that same principle and applied to everyday shopping? Imagine being able to hold businesses accountable for being transparent in their practices, beliefs, missions, and any other ideas they may have. 

Now More Than Ever

A few months ago we started using #NowMoreThanEver and framing a lot of our conversations for the future around this idea at the studio. For us, this hashtag and idea keep us accountable and transparent in our business practices as it forces us to think if not now, then when? Without a renewed focus on transparent business practices, this country will silently support opinions we don't know about and don't align with, until one day when we realize that all of the companies we do believe in are gone and replaced by those with selfish and greedy missions. 

What matters to you?

You tell us. Why does it matter to support small or local businesses, minority-owned businesses, businesses that give back to the community or to an organization, the list goes on and on. It's not important which reasons why you support or don't support a business, but rather it's important that you do your research and understand where your dollars are going. 

Next time you’re about to make a purchase or support a business, stop and take a moment do some digital research. You can always start here on where business profiles are organized by city, cause, and/or industry. When we’re adding businesses to This Good World we use the following preliminary steps to learn more about the company and encourage you to do the same. 

Steps for Researching Companies

  1. Start by looking at their website and reading through their about, FAQ, mission, and beliefs pages. Sometimes these pages hide in the footer of a company's website so it's important to look thoroughly.
  2. Social channels can be extremely helpful, both in what the company is actual posting as well as the reviews, posts, and messages from others to the page/s.
  3. Do a simple Google search of the company to find out if any articles have been written about them recently, or if they are mentioned on any other websites. 

With that being said, there are a number of companies that are setting the trend for transparency and being forthright with their financials, beliefs, missions, goals, etc. so if you come across an awesome company, be sure to share it with us so we can continue to support businesses and organizations doing good. 

Post written by Emma Daitz, Creative Producer at TGWstudio/This Good World

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