Tribe Alive

TGW Business Spotlight: Tribe Alive

Imagine being able to shop unique and fashion-forward clothing and accessories while also having a powerful impact on the people that made the items. Tribe Alive, a clothing and accessories company based in the United States, is doing exactly that. The unique company works with artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and Fort Worth, Texas to create apparel, bags, home goods, accessories, and jewelry that is sold on their online store. Tribe Alive believes in fair pay for their female artisans in the hopes that they can reduce poverty rates in their partner communities. Read more about Tribe Alive, including their recently launched Apparel Collection, in our interview with Founder & CEO Carly Burson. 

How do you find communities and artisans to work with? What is that partnership like? 

In the beginning we sought out strong partnerships with non-profit organizations with experience managing production and working with marginalized communities. We want our impact to go beyond production so we carefully choose partnerships with organizations who seek to impact our artisan partner’s full lives. These partnerships are vital to our business model and potential for growth, and allows us to focus on building the brand while our partners are focused on the training, development and fair employment of our artisans. We're committed to our current artisan partnerships and do not intend to expand further in order to best support the people we're already working so hard to employ. 

What does the future of the ethical fashion industry look like? What role do you see Tribe Alive taking in the industry? 

The future is bright and moving toward more consumer awareness and demand for ethical practices. Tribe Alive is excited to be a part of that conversation and expose the fact that you don't need to compromise style for ethics and that companies can produce in ways that honor the maker and the earth while experiencing financial success. 

If you could give one piece of advice to an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a socially responsible business idea, what would it be? 

Do not be afraid to fail. Take the risk and just get started. 

What does social good mean to you? 

It means putting people first and working in ways that benefit the health and wellbeing of  humans all over the world. 

Congratulations on the recent launch of the Apparel Collection. How did that line come to fruition?

Thank you! It has been the greatest challenge but so rewarding to see it all come to life. We feel like there is a gap in the marketplace for ethical yet stylish clothing and we wanted to be a part of filling that void. It's a beautiful and modern collection and a bit of a textile love story inspired by foot-loom weavers in Guatemala. We exclusively design all our own textiles and silhouettes and work closely with a small design house in Antigua to manage the production, artisan communication and provide weaving expertise. We're so proud of this line and have been thrilled over the response it's received so far. 

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