Welcoming Sarah Collins to the fam!

Sarah Collins is our new marketing specialist and is already bringing copious amounts of good vibes to our TGW family.

She comes to us, most recently, from the world of educational travel; she worked as travel program coordinator. Her unique skill set and perspective will be invaluable to the team. Lots of killer writing ahead.

Fun facts about Sarah:

* She pulls rabbits out of hats. Apart from being disciplined and driven, Sarah has always had pet rabbits; a total of 6. The oldest died at 12 years old, which is well over 100 years old in human years.

* The next Rupi Kaur on our hands? Sarah writes poetry and is an active member of Just Poets, a local literary organization; open mic ftw.

* Woman on fire: Sarah has a ridiculously high tolerance for spicy foods that she developed as a kid.

* Stars in her eyes. Sarah is fascinated by astronomy and enjoys learning about it in her free time. "How the Universe Works" is one of her favorite shows.

* That smile. She has a "condition" called hyperdontia or “extra teeth”. She had several extra teeth removed throughout her childhood and even adulthood! In fact she "grew" an extra wisdom tooth that had to be removed last year!

We want to enthusiastically welcome Sarah to the team and shout from the rooftops how tickled we are to have her join us!


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