Women's March Happy Hour at TGW Studio

We started planning our Women's March Happy Hour as an event to facilitate the writing of postcards, but what it became was so much bigger. Thank you to all who showed up, wrote postcards, participated in our action 2 mind map, conversed with someone new, and purchased food and drinks at the Playhouse // Swillburger. Because of you we were able to take a stand for the future of ourcountry with nearly 400 postcards written to elected officials, while also donating $2,230 to Mary's Place

It would be easy to pat ourselves on the back and stop the work there, but we know that we've started something bigger. You've inspired us with your thoughts, ideas, conversations, and hopes for the future. Stay tuned to our emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news about upcoming events to continue the movement. In the weeks to come we'll also share your postcard messages and ideas for actions.

Got an idea for an event or action item we can take together? Send us an email.

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