Ent's Tree Care

Ent's Tree Care

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

I am a small tree care business. Like the Ents from Middle Earth I strive to be a good care taker of the trees of my customers. Pruning for health, fertilizing, and caring for the roots. Understanding trees as living organisms and how they work and the environmental factors that impact them is my mission. Also I use the byproduct of my trade, wood chips, to create good living compost.

No Physical Address
Oley, PA 19547
United States
  • Environment

    My goal is to teach people about all the benifits of having and maintaining trees. Tree help clean our water and our air. They fight soil erosion. They offer shade and comfort for humans and habitats for wild life.

  • Social

    My social contributions is simply being a friend to the trees. Trees help to beautify our world, which contribute to our mental health. 

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