Grow Milkweed Plants

Grow Milkweed Plants

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Striving to support a monarch butterfly population explosion. Grow Milkweed Plants works with milkweed retailers to help you provide milkweed for monarchs.

6728 Voyage Dr
Sparks, NV 89436
United States

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  • Community

    Protecting the local milkweed plants and monitoring the monarch population is a paramount goal. I have distributed flyers and door knocked at communities with milkweed plants to educate them about the value of the plant in the monarchs life cycle.

  • Environment

    Milkweed habitat restoration is necessary for the next generation of monarch butterflies to survive. Grow Milkweed Plants provides milkweed seeds for you to help save the monarchs.

  • Social

    The Grow Milkweed Plants podcast provides free access to current information about the population of monarchs and status of milkweed in the U.S.

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