Headwater Food Hub

Headwater Food Hub

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We are a wholesale fruit/vegetable purveyor constantly searching for local, sustainable ingredients of unsurpassed quality. Focusing on family farms in the Finger Lakes region, we continually assess Upstate acreage with a keen eye for farmers with a true passion for their craft. Whether they produce meats, fruit, or vegetables, our farm families are doing it the right way, humanely and without GMO’s. Our collective hope is to go the extra mile to provide key ingredients for the most discerning of palates. Consistent quality, backed with innovative and forward-thinking growing standards, ensures the perfect bite each and every time.

6318 Ontario Center Rd.
Building #12
Ontario, NY 14519
United States

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  • Community

    We visit farms regularly to ensure they are in compliance with our in-house growing standards, and are keeping current with their nationally recognized monitoring agencies. We also serve as a sounding board for our growers interested in market trends and developments.

  • Environment

    We’ve selected our farmers for their commitment to quality and the planet. Meticulous in their efforts, our farm families work diligently to maintain superior standards for growing methods suitable to the soils they work. All of our growers have acreage in production that is certified as organic by the USDA.

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