Humble Design

Humble Design

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Humble Design believes that struggling Detroit families deserve to live in decent homes and consider our services a form of “uplifting regifting”. We believe that families, especially parents and young children, who come home to a friendly, dignified home will have more time, energy and money to focus on education, home life and building a better future. Our mission is to provide our clients with clean and welcoming home environments by matching each family with unwanted household goods that would otherwise be thrown out or left unused. Our process is simple: We start by getting the families up off the floor, and into beds. We then move in other essentials: lamps, desks, dressers, silverware and kitchen tables. All of the items are collected from homes like yours, from basements that are over run with excess and families looking to re-decorate. We design the homes from top to bottom: cleaning, putting clothes away, making beds, filling vases with flowers, and everything in-between. Families are left with a home that functions as a springboard for success. Their kids have a place to do homework, the family can eat dinner together at a table and no one has to sleep on the floor.

180 N. Saginaw
Pontiac, MI 48342
United States
  • Community

    This past summer, Humble Design partnered with Northeast Guidance Center to  furnish and decorate 24 of 39 brand new units that were built for the chronically homeless. Summer 2012 we also partnered with A Good Night Sleep for our "100 bed day."  They provided the beds which allowed us to go in and get our clients up off the floor. 

  • Environment

    Humble Design minimizes the impact on the environment by matching clients with donated & gently used household goods.

  • Social

    Many schools and different organizations step in and host "household good" drives when Humble Design is in need of specific items such as towels, pots & pans or bedding.

  • Employees Culture

    Humble Design is a flexible organization who realizes how important it is to work around our working mother's schedules.  

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