Kigi Life

Kigi Life

On the map since Apr 2015

Kigi means ‘every tree’ in Japanese and is also an acronym for Keep It Genuinely Inspired. We are devoted to creating genuine empowerment to all through our meaningful apparel, social responsibility, educational events, various media platforms. We are a Brooklyn based lifestyle brand empowering people to live life with purpose, meaning, self-expression and well-being.

515 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States
  • Community

    Frequently, we volunteer at the local Brooklyn Armory(YMCA) to help with the inner city public schools that don't have the resources for full time physical education.  Playing games and sports with the kids is not only satisfying but also keeps us young at heart.

  • Environment

    We are big advocates for taking care of our earth.  Our t-shirts are eco-friendly and made with water-discharge inks as to not harm the environment.  We raise awareness on the farm-to-table movement through multiple media including blogs on how you can do your part in creating a sustainable world and holding events showcasing and educating why it's so important to shop local and eat local.

  • Social

    Kigi Life is a socially responsible business that was created to empower authentic living and through giving back, we naturally find meaning in our lives. We feel that it is our duty to help empower our youth through education, which will create more balanced opportunity globally. The youth is our tomorrow and teaching them compassion, awareness, equality, love and conscious living will change the world for the better. We volunteer our time helping out at the local schools' physical education programming and donate shirts to fundraisers that focus on funding educational programming. We currently have strategic partnerships with various charitable organizations and support through events and financing.

  • Employees Culture

    We are strong believers in having our employees work at their own pace and hours to help promote not only healthy living but productivity.  Your best productivity happens when you're in the right mindset and the only result we look at is whether or not you got your responsibilities taken care of.  Everyone works differently so we embrace that and as a result we find the work is second to none.

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