Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli

On the map since Mar 2017
  • Community

    Kuli Kuli works with women-led farming cooperatives to improve accessibility and education of moringa and nutrition. Also, farmers working with Kuli Kuli earn a sustainable livelihood. Kuli Kuli has planted 200,000 moringa trees and 800 women farmers have earned a sustainable livelihood since Kuli Kuli began working with communities in Africa.

  • Social

    Kuli Kuli utilizes the freshest and highest quality moringa on the market and provides training on how to grow the best moringa to improve local nutrition. They also established the Moringa Partners Program which helps increase accessibility to moringa and to fund moringa-related projects globally. Kuli Kuli provides marketing and financial support to projects that use moringa as a force for good. 10% of every sale through the program goes directly to partners. 



Image credits: Kuli Kuli Facebook Page

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