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Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Café features a creative, whole food, plant-based menu crafted from organic, therapeutic and delicious ingredients made to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to make healthy eating possible in a busy world and to foster the understanding of food as an opportunity to nurture and awaken vitality. It is our passion and pleasure to provide our communities with sustainable, convenient eating options, soulful service, and holistic education - and to infuse love and joy in all that we do!

765 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

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  • Community

    Our cafes are designed to be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation where our communities can gather and connect.  We showcase the work of local artists and host local musicians for our guests to enjoy.  It is our joy to provide holistic education to our guests, both in our stores, online, and at community outreach events.  Every year, we are pleased to host and attend numerous school and community gatherings where we educate young people and others on the wonders of juicing, whole food nutrition, and physical healing from the inside out.  

  • Environment

    At Life Alive, we realize that our choices impact our personal vitality and the vitality of our planet.  Therefore, every choice we make as a collective social enterprise is geared towards ensuring that we are supporting our ecology.  We serve organically grown foods and local when possible, as well as supporting small producers and the regional economy.  Our restaurants use biodegradable containers made of corn starch and utensils created from potato starch, as an alternative to non-degradable plastic packaging.  These products are also renewable, sustainable and compostable. Our architecture and design are intended for our community to intuitively feel our connection to our planet and the abundance and regenerative power of our earth.  We want our team members and guests to feel a part of nature, not just observers of it.  We design and build each location as sustainably as possible, and intend to evolve into zero waste, LEED certified spaces.  We use recycled and up-cycled materials in our furniture and fixtures, mainly utilizing the natural materials of wood and stone.  Our toilets are dual flush.  Low voltage lighting and compact fluorescent lights are used whenever possible.  Water efficient plumbing and non-toxic cleaning supplies are also utilized throughout the restaurants.  Our restaurants also compost all our organic materials.  Recently, we publicly announced our locations as “Clean Water Filling Stations” where our guests are welcome to utilize our filtered and alkaline water for free by using their personal reusable water bottles. We believe this an important step in cutting pollution, as the bottled water industry contributes to massive amounts of plastic pollution each year. We are always investigating practical methods to enhance our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Social

    At Life Alive we believe social change begins with enhancing our communities. We make it a priority to support local industry by partnering with local and sustainable providers that share our mind set of responsible and ethical sourcing for a healthier world. We have joined forces with a local wheatgrass provider, a local beekeeper and honey maker. We work with many earth-conscious companies such as: Organic Living Superfoods, providing us with raw cacoa, maca, chia seeds, etc.; The Mustard Seed Company for our wild-crafted herbal teas; and Equal Exchange, partnering with organic avocado farms in Mexico where farmers see 100% of profits.   We contribute numerous resources to our local communities through educational exchanges, sponsorships, staff volunteerism, and charitable giving.   Our individual restaurants collaborate with community members to promote improvements in local health, education, diversity, cultural expression, and economic development.  In addition, we always make conscious efforts to support and promote other national and international organizations focused on sustainability such as Tree Sisters and Right To Know GMOs. 

  • Employees Culture

    Our team members are the heart and soul of our culture at Life Alive! It is through their passion, commitment, and labor of love that we are able to feed the vitality of the world, one meal at a time. To show our appreciation to our exceptional and dedicated team, we pay our team members a true living wage, provide them with free meals when they work, a company discount at all times, rewards at other local businesses, and health and disability insurance.  We also host numerous get-togethers outside of work along with an annual company wide gathering known as our “Harvest Happening” that is scheduled on the beautiful Harvest Moon each summer.  At each gathering we recognize various team members for their excellence in leadership and team building and present awards toward any wellness, self-care activity, or educational development of their choosing (i.e. yoga, massage, acupuncture, etc.). 

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